Caribbean Story - Englisch Klasse 9

Caribbean Story - Englisch Klasse 9

The sad, beautiful, tragic Story of Evelyn Hugo and Celia St. James

Hello, my name is Harry Cameron and I will be sharing the story of how Evelyn Hugo lost the love of her life. Evelyn, Celia and I have been best friends for a long time. We did almost everything together, but I´ve always felt that the two of them were closer than all of us and on the trip for Evelyn`s 27th Birthday I realized how close they actually were.

The day we arrived in Havana, Cuba was August 10th 2005. After the check-in at the hotel we went out to explore the city. On the first two days we did a lot of activities like deep diving or swimming with dolphines and a lot more. On August 13th, the day of Evelyn`s birthday, we went to a restaurant with a beautiful view of the beach, we went to music festivals and went on a walk near the beach. In the evening all of us went to a pub to celebrate Evelyn`s birthday proberly. Some hours passed by and we were dancing on the dance floor when I noticed that Celia wasn`t with us anymore. I went to tell Evelyn but she had already noticed it. I could see the worry all over her face as she looked at me and went outside. I made sure she was okay before I went to look for Celia. She was nowhere to find. I was searching the whole place and when I couldn`t find her, I began to panic. As soon as I was outside I took Evelyn`s hand and we went back to the hotel. The moment we got back to the apartment i locked the door and said to her: „There`s not a lot we can do right now, so why don`t you get some sleep and we`ll go look for her tomorrow and if we don`t succeed at that we`ll go to the police.“

She was in shock. I think she barely even realizec it at that moment. She looked like she wanted to cry, but she never was one to show any emotions, so she simply went to her room without saying anything at all, which is something she would never do. She has always been that type of person to just say what is on her mind. The whole night I stayed up wondering what happened to Celia, if she had been kidnapped, murdered or hell even tortured. I know it was the sick part of my mind that was making these stories up but the thought of it just wouldn´t leave mind for some reason. The next day we spend all day searching for Celia but it was hopeless so we decided to go to the police. The moment we walked into the apartment we rented, I heard Evelyn scream in horror. I ran to her asking if she was okay but she just pointed to the couch. Then I saw her. Celia, lying on the couch, covered in so much blood that you could barely recognize her. I can still picture her lifeless frame after all these years. I remember the way Evelyn broke into pieces infront the moment she saw Celia lying there. I still remember not being able to comfort Evelyn in any way because I felt like a crumpled up piece of paper lying on the ground. That was the moment i knew. The moment where Evelyn Hugo made it clear that she lost the love of her life and changed forever. I remember it all too well.

A couple days pass and we´ve cremated Celia and took her back home with us. After that Evelyn and I have never talked about her until now. She finally felt confident enough to tell me about the relationship they had and she described it as a sad, beautiful, tragic love affair. It was too painful to even think about her but 16 years later talking about her is reminiscing and it was relieving to actually talk about it. In these past 16 years I felt like I was in a new hell every time she double crossed my mind because I felt guilty for not looking out for her enough but now I finally have some sort of closure.

(Von Shkurte A. - Klasse 9b)

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